Dr. Dan L. Martin, I validate you

Caring is not a trait that is obtained on-the-job, it is not taught in the classroom nor received via experience. It is something that is innately acquired. You display this trait in the relationship with your patients.

Giving of yourself unselfishly without ever stopping to validate or credit yourself, is a sign of a true icon. Your esteem of yourself

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Improved my blood pressure

I, Lenda Selph, have been a patient of Dan Martin, Oriental Medicine Doctor, since July 2001. The vitamin therapy I received at his office improved my blood pressure I want to continue having access to this type of therapy in the future.

Lenda Selph

No longer requires blood pressure and nerve medication

I first heard about Dr. Dan Martin and Northfield Clinic from a relative. They suggested that I consider taking a close friend who had been diagnosed as terminal to see Dr. Martin. My friend was suffering from D.O.P.C. and chronic respiratory distress due to the removal of part of each of his lungs. He was also suffering from panic attacks

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Thank-you for helping me

Just a little note to say Thank-you for helping me. I really do appreciate it. Your kind thoughts and deeds will not go unnoticed. I think a lot of you and the work you do. I also have a great deal of respect for your ability. Please don’t ever give up.


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