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“Proof that stabbing some one can help!”

If you are looking for the real life “Dr. House” of alternative medicine , he’s your man ! I’ve been a loyal patient of Dr. Dan’s for over 3 years now and I can honestly say I owe him my life.

Keeli Layne

Your letter was enough

Thank You!!! Your letter was enough for my insurance company to lift the restriction of pre-existing and pay my claims! I could not have accomplished this without your help!!!

Linda D. Gray

Pain from my neck down to my toes

I came to Dr. Martin in October 2010 after going to many doctors with very little results. After Surgery I was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury that damaged my nervous system. I was in pain from my neck down to my toes. My hands were always so cold that I had worn gloves since August 2009. My hands and

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Dr. Dan L. Martin, I validate you

Caring is not a trait that is obtained on-the-job, it is not taught in the classroom nor received via experience. It is something that is innately acquired. You display this trait in the relationship with your patients.

Giving of yourself unselfishly without ever stopping to validate or credit yourself, is a sign of a true icon. Your esteem of yourself

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