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From Dan Martin, D.O.M.

Books / Literature:

Emergency Anaphylaxis Management

Doctors of Oriental Medicine are uniquely trained in a paradigm of healthcare which encompasses all traditional and most modern techniques utilized in current patient care. The last decade has witnessed Doctors of Oriental Medicine becoming primary care physicians. We are no longer simply acupuncturist. As practitioners learn modern applications of Oriental Medicine we gain new treatments to aid our patients and the responsibility of educating future Doctors of Oriental Medicine. I believe this manual “Emergency Anaphylaxis Management” from an Oriental medicine perspective is essential to any Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing today and an indispensable part of oriental Medicine education. I believe Dr. Martin has written a treatment guide which outlines a DOM’s responsibility in the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. As physicians we know every pharmacological treatment natural or synthetic has the possibility of triggering an anaphylactic reaction I hope every DOM’s education will prepare him for this type of emergency. I know this manual will be a necessary resource.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

In my twenty-plus years of clinical practice I have come across very few therapies as valuable as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I have personally seen this therapy improve the quality of life, and save marriages. Dr. Dan Martin has assembled a comprehensive work of art that will no doubt guide practitioners in fining relief for their patients for many years to come. I can’t express how important BHRT therapy is in the practice of Oriental medicine. I urge all practitioners of Oriental Medicine to grasp the contents of this book even if they currently cannot use BHRT in their practice. Your day will come. With so many reaping the benefits of therapy you’re sure to one day be able to use this knowledge out of shear demand. Dr. Gary Axley, D.O.M. Vice-President Arkansas Association of Oriental Medicine.

Injection & Phlebotomy Techniques

A textbook designed for the Doctor of Oriental Medicine (D.O.M.) to reference basic injection and phlebotomy techniques.

Other Books & Manuals by Dr. Dan Martin, DOM:

  • “IV Protocol for Oriental/Naturopathic Medicine Manual”
  • “Surgical Procedures of Oriental Medicine”
  • “DMSA-In Oriental Medicine.”
  • “EDTA in Oriental Medicine”
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Other Publications:

Articles in The Naturopathic Physician, N.M.D. Magazine

  • “Using Injectable B-12 In a Naturopathic Medical Practice”
  • “Minor Surgery in Oriental & Naturopathic Medicine”
  • “EDTA Vitamin Therapy”
  • “Minor Surgery in Oriental & Naturopathic Medicine Part I-The Stirring Method”
  • “Minor Surgery in Oriental & Naturopathic Medicine-Part II The Incision Method”
  • “Minor Surgery in Oriental & Naturopathic Medicine-Nerve Trunk Stimulation”

Articles in Naturopathic Physician Magazine

  • “TCM Interpretation of a Complete Blood Count”
  • “Partial Parenteral Nutrition”
  • “Partial Parenteral Nutrition Part II”
  • “How Western Drugs Affect TCM Diagnostics”

Articles in Four States Magazine

  • “What is Alternative Medicine?”

Articles in Arkansas Association of Oriental Medicine Newsletter

  • “Acupuncture Point Injection”

Reprint of Oriental Medicine Surgical Techniques Articles – Henry McCann, New Jersey Acupuncture Association

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