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Dr. Dan L. Martin, I validate you

Caring is not a trait that is obtained on-the-job, it is not taught in the classroom nor received via experience. It is something that is innately acquired. You display this trait in the relationship with your patients.

Giving of yourself unselfishly without ever stopping to validate or credit yourself, is a sign of a true icon. Your esteem of yourself never enters your mind, you take no credit for your value, however, many lives stand in testimony of your work. Your work and the administration of your care is unique to only you. You disperse a part of yourself in what you do so much so that at the end of the day, is there anything left for you? That is why I bring the snacks, coffee, etc.. It is only a small portion of a display of appreciation for what you do, and to prepare you for your next day/week/ and month’s endeavor. When I receive service on my vehicle, I note that there are two charges, one for parts and the other for labor.

The labor charge is usually higher than the other. We receive only one charge from you, and that is for the parts. The labor charge is “given” to us through your labor of love. You love what you do and you’re better than “good” at what you do. You can never be replaced, you are one of a kind. Dr. Martin, it is not in your nature to accept this form of compliment or praise, but here is at least one point in a person’s life where they can look back throughout this horrifying world and realize, that someone cared and gave unselfishly of themselves without ever looking for anything in return. You do that for your patients, and therefore you possess great value/worth. “You are valued, and your worth is immeasurable”. You make this aesthetically pleasing to do for you because of your unselfish giving of yourself. With this thought, Dr. Dan L. Martin, I validate you!..your work!..and I validate your life!

“Validate: To confirm..establish..or !illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy.”

Lesa Jamison & Mom

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