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Pain from my neck down to my toes

I came to Dr. Martin in October 2010 after going to many doctors with very little results. After Surgery I was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury that damaged my nervous system. I was in pain from my neck down to my toes. My hands were always so cold that I had worn gloves since August 2009. My hands and fingers were also in a lot of pain as were my arms and legs. I could barely walk or get around when I came in and by the end of my 1st visit Dr. Martin told me that he could get me 30 to 80 % better. By February I felt so good that I went on a cruise with friends. When I came back I stopped wearing my gloves 24/7. It has been a year since I first came to Northfield Clinic and I feel that I am that 80% better from the 1st day I came in. Dr. Martin and his staff have been so nice and good to me. My pain is down to a minimum and I am back to my “old self”. I still do treatments to keep me up and going. I’m very pleased with my treatment.

Laurie Pilgreen

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