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Diagnostic Thermography

Diagnostic Thermography, or digital internal thermal imaging, is used as a screening tool. This method is a physiological study of your body’s organs & functional systems according to their heat temperatures and patterns of functioning. Infra-red equipment is utilized to take “heat pictures” in a non-invasive fashion. These images can reveal malfunctions at their onset before noticeable symptoms develop. This early detection allows ample time for lifestyle modifications and preventative treatments before serious conditions develop. This can also create awareness much earlier than traditional anatomical study which uses radiation and more invasive techniques once more significant symptoms develop.

Like Acupuncture and other Alternative Medicine practices, the focus of thermography is your body’s flow systems. The images indicate where there are blockages, stagnation, increased heat, decreased heat, etc. In essence, we are looking for areas where there is toxicity causing inflammation from chemicals, pesticides, stress, hormones and other environmental toxins that bombard your body in our busy culture. With diagnostic thermography, we can detect these issues and work to modify issues creating your system’s imbalance long before the traditional treatment process is sought for invasive testing, devastating diagnosis, harsh procedures and brutal side effects. Prevention is always better than recovery!

Diagnostic Thermography can be utilized to detect underlying issues related to:

• Allergies & Sinus
• Breast Health
• Cardiovascular Health
• Dental Health
• Digestive Disorders
• Musculoskeletal Disorders

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