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Systemic candidiasis relief

After the birth of my son, my overall feeling of good health declined rapidly. I was sick most of the time, constantly fatigued and experiencing joint pains. I also developed swollen nodes on my face and neck that resembled grape clusters. My once size 6 body was trapped in my “still pregnant-looking” form. My short term memory was shot. I couldn’t remember details and often had problems recalling words. I also experienced difficult mood swing. I visited doctor after doctor, underwent test after test, only to be told they couldn’t find my problems. I was sent home with a few prescriptions and proceeded to get worse. At the urging of a friend to get tested for a condition known as systemic candidiasis, I did. My tests showed extremely high levels in my blood. I began treatments with Dr. Martin for the candidiasis in January of 2002. Since that time, my energy level has quadrupled, the swelling in my lymph nodes has receded, I have dropped several dress sizes and many other symptoms have either completely gone away or are very, very much better. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing problems that traditional medicine cannot solve to visit Northfield clinic and let Dr. Martin examine them. Many times M.D.s are good for critical care, but when it comes to prevention of disease and treating the cause rather than just the symptoms, Oriental medicine is top.

Tawnya Cain

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