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No longer requires blood pressure and nerve medication

I first heard about Dr. Dan Martin and Northfield Clinic from a relative. They suggested that I consider taking a close friend who had been diagnosed as terminal to see Dr. Martin. My friend was suffering from D.O.P.C. and chronic respiratory distress due to the removal of part of each of his lungs. He was also suffering from panic attacks due to his inability to breathe. My friend had tried all the conventional therapies as well as several alternative treatments such as subluxation, etc. I was very skeptical at first about the treatments offered at Northfield Clinic, but, considering the fact that my dear friend was on hospice and had been told that he had no more than 6 months to live we were willing to try just about anything that offered us some hope. On our first visit to Northfield Clinic I could tell that this was not like the other clinics and doctors’ we had been taking him to see.

Dr. Martin and his staff gave us hope and really cared about my friends’ condition. Just to let you know how bad off my friend was, when we started his treatments at Northfield Clinic, let me say that my friend was on between 10 to 15 prescription medications and his cardiologist and pulmonologist were constantly adding more medication to combat the side effects of his other medications. Some of the medications such as the breathing treatments, Xanax, etc. my friend had been on for almost 15 years.

We felt that he was at the mercy of a medical establishment, that even at the best of times, treated him like a number, showed little or no compassion and gave absolutely no hope for his future. The most that the doctors and hospice were willing to offer was to help keep him medicated until he died. I could go on and on with stories of what I consider downright abuse and neglect on their part but I am sure most people reading this have experienced similar treatment from doctors, nurses and clinics in this area. Dr. Martin and his staff were very different, to say the least!!! I started taking my friend to see Dr. Martin in May 2008. Dr. Martin started out by evaluating my friend and running several tests and listening to my friend and what he had to say.

Dr. Martin wanted to know what the patient wanted him to try to accomplish. After the first visit Dr. Martin started giving my friend vitamin therapy we fondly refer to as “desert” that contains a vitamin, mineral and supplements that is tailor made for my friend and his condition. He gets these treatments at the clinic twice a week as well as several vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. to take daily at home. As of August 2008, my friend is no longer on all those prescriptions that he had to take for so many years.

He still has to use oxygen (but less than before the treatments) and occasionally a rescue inhaler, but, he no longer requires breathing treatments, blood pressure medication, nerve medication, etc. Just this miracle alone is amazing and would have made me change doctors, however, I must also say that Dr. Martin and his entire staff, from Tinka (his nurse), Stephanie (his receptionist), and even Pat (his book keeper) have gone above and way beyond the call of duty when it comes to care giving!!!! Dr. Martin has even returned phone calls on Sundays (his only real day off). Dr. Martin has even told my friend that he could call him at 3 A.M. if he was having a panic attack and I wasn’t available to help him.

I have NEVER seen such care and dedication to patients from any doctor and/clinic. They haven’t just stopped there.

They understand the stress and strain I am under as a caregiver for my friend and they always take time to ask how I am doing and if they can help with any issues I am having. If, nothing more than, just listening and helping me to understand my friend’s disease. The Northfield staff is overworked to say the least but you would never know it by the quality of care they give and each of them always has a smile and a kind word. Results from the treatments were no overnight and we still have a way to go but THE TREATMENTS DO WORK!!!!! Dr. Martin evaluates my friend’s condition at every visit and makes changes when needed. If a vitamin, supplement, medication, herb, etc. is no longer needed or the dose can be lowered Dr. Martin makes the changes. To me, his goal seems to be getting the body to function as it should with as little outside help as possible. I just can’t say enough about how wonderful the entire Northfield Clinic staff is and there is no doubt in my mind that they have helped to extend the life of my dear friend as well as the quality of his life. As for me and my family we have a new doctor and several new friends. I thank GOD every day for Dr. Martin and the entire Northfield Clinic staff.

Lisa L. Ellis

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