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Healing Mind, Body and Soul

I made an appointment with Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic January 6, 2022 for a Vitamin C therapy. I was greeted with courteous, professional and caring staff. Dr. Dan spent a long time with me to address a plethora of questions I had regarding my health. Due to my health issues Dan put me on a plant- based diet along with supplements.

My over all health has improved tremendously over the last 3 months of being on this diet. My lab report from a recent visit with my Family Practitioner returned to normal, not to mention increased energy level. I also received acupuncture for shoulder pain and lymphedema due to surgery. Before getting acupuncture, I had extreme pain in my shoulder and swelling in my arm. The acupuncture alleviated the pain and has helped with swelling. Another benefit of the plant-based diet is weight loss and arthritis pain in hands and hips are gone.

If you are looking for alternative healthy treatment call Dr. Dan Martin.

– Kristen Rawls

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