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Getting to the Root of the Issues

I started this journey in October 2021 with Doc. I came in here on six meds and I was a “HOT” mess – like head spinning around mess. I am now on only 2 meds! Taking lots of recommended supplements from Doc instead of meds that were slowly killing me. Slowly transitioning into a recommended “plant-based” eating style and have lost weight (which was needed)! I’m 62 and had never had acupuncture before. It has really helped in so many ways. I got in touch with feelings I had stuffed WAY down.


I wish I had known about Dr. Dan many years sooner, but just thankful I have found him now. He is actually getting to the root of my issues that have been haunting me for a long time. So thankful for a doctor that truly believes in healing the problem, getting to the root of the issues, and not just handing me another pill!


– Tara Collins

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