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Dr. Dan may change your life as he has for me and my family!

It is with great pleasure that I share my experiences of Dr. Dan Martin and what he has done for me, my family and our health issues over the past decade plus. There are many stories that I could share but the one that I believe drives my points home is my most recent encounter with the good Dr. “Several years ago I lost my left kidney to cancer. Weeks after the operation my medical Doctors discovered that my 1 remaining kidney was in stage 3+ of Chronic Kidney Disease. My 1 remaining kidney was no good!

I was referred to a Neurologist and see him every six months. After the initial diagnosis, my Neurologist shared with me that I am a perfect candidate for a kidney transplant and stated that my overall health, no drinking, no smoking and no drugs made me the ideal candidate. I was told that the kidney transplant would make me feel wonderful and that I would have no trouble living into my 70’s! At 60 years of age, living into my 70’s was not my goal! My Neurologist went on to state that my kidney would never heal nor improve and that the best that I could hope for was for it to stabilize! But he made sure that I understood that the current condition of my kidney made me close to eligible for a kidney transplant. Just to be clear – I was told that my transplanted kidney would most likely last no more than 10 years. No one could assure me that in my 70’s that I would be eligible for a second kidney transplant due to my age and perhaps my insurance status and perhaps my overall health. If I am not eligible for a second transplant, then they would send me to dialysis for the remainder of my life…not long!

Enter Dr. Dan Martin

I have known Dr. Dan Martin for over 2 decades now and my family has known him longer. Dr. Dan has treated several members of my family very successfully for many years. And now it was my turn…I needed to make sure that the information that the medical community was giving me was accurate and correct. I met with Dr. Dan and went over my recent kidney issues. He listened and smiled and said that my kidney would improve and that he assured me I would not need a transplant and that my life span did not have to be shortened due to this issue. As I prepared for the news of weekly infusions or some type of magical herb that I would need to take for the rest of my life, Dr. Dan announced that my cure was in my diet. Dr. Dan Martin assured me that I could improve my sick kidney to a point where I would never need a transplant if I went with a ‘plant based diet’, or “Vegan”. For me this was an easy solution and one that I met with enthusiasm.

Fast forward 2 years later and my kidney continues to improve and even my Neurologist has told me that “I will not need a kidney transplant”. He is amazed at my progress and very interested in my turnaround! To this day I am not taking any medicines and have seen a massive improvement of my kidney by simply eating the right foods! No, it has not been easy but I am properly motivated and I have always been able to find something at all restaurants to eat!

It is only fitting to say that Dr. Dan has absolutely and with no doubt extended my expected life span into a normal span! I am forever grateful to the good doctor for his concerns and his knowledge and his guidance. If you are ever faced with any medical condition, you owe it to yourself to at least go listen to Dr. Dan! He may change your life as he has for me and my family!

Thank you Dr. Dan Martin!

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