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Blurred vision is gone

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dan Martin’s for a little over a year and in that time he has helped me through several health issues that I had when I first came to him in May, 2007. The thing I like the most probably about coming to Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic (other than the doctor and staff) is that I am “involved” with my treatment, I have a part to play and a voice that is heard. That part might mean taking my temperature and/or blood pressure reading twice a day and keeping a log that I bring in each time I come.

It may mean taking my supplements as directed or following an eating or exercise plan that has been prescribed for me. It keeps it real and it gives me a sense of control over what is going on. It’s totally unlike mainstream medicine where the “doctor” prescribes you a drug for a symptom and when that pill no longer works and your symptom rears it’s ugly head once again, he prescribes you another drug and then another drug until pretty soon your life is controlled by a lot of prescription drugs that don’t do anything except mask your symptoms which are trying to alert you to the underlying cause in the first place.

However the cause is never treated and therefore, you never really get well. And it makes you feel totally out of control and depressed, for which, the mainstream kind of doctors will prescribe you yet another drug. Been there, done that and I’m not going back. It’s not the same kind of deal at Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic. They treat the whole person and get to the cause of the problem. Dr. Martin is a soft-spoken, modest man with a dry sense of humor. The one thing that becomes very clear is that he cares about his patients. He’s always thinking about that can make them better, interacting with them, listening, listening and listening some more. So when my blood pressure shot up and started giving me some real problems it was good to know that I was a real person to my doctor and not a number in the waiting room. When he said, “We’ve got to protect your heart” I thought “OK, this is a team effort.” I’m now into my 15th EDTA Chelation Treatment, and just out of curiosity I’ve been charting my progress and right around the 10th treatment, just like all the other Chelation patients who are no on a maintenance plan told me, my blood pressure started dropping on its own and continues to drop. And what’s really cool is that my treatment was tailored made to my specific needs.

It was not a one size fits all kind of plan. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. The blurred vision is gone. I can now exercise without becoming exhausted. I have energy again and don’t feel depressed. This is a big deal to me as it’s 180 degrees opposite from how I felt the first day I walked into the clinic. I feel extremely hopeful about the future once again and I refer everyone I meet or strike a conversation with to Dan Martin and Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic. Good health is priceless and worth whatever it takes to reclaim it and keep it. I can’t urge people enough to begin today to reclaim theirs.

Stephanie Haberman

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