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Severe pain lower back

I am a patient of Dr. Dan Martin. My first visit with him was approximately three years ago. I had injured my shoulder and a friend of mine told me about Dr. Martin. I recently had to go back to him with a severe pain in my lower back. I could hardly get up and down and could only walk with much pain. Having had results before, I felt that he could help with his method of massaging. After having to get help to lay on the massage table, I was introduced to acupuncture. I have always been just a bit skeptical about this method of practice. However, we decided to let him try the acupuncture on my back and I am glad I did. When he had completed the work I was able to get off the table without any assistance and with no pain at all. I could Harley believe what had happened. I was so pleased that I made another appointment a week later just as a precaution. I did however, have a little soreness during this time but no more pain. I was able to go about my daily routine. I was and am so pleased and convinced with acupuncture that I have shared my experience with my church and many other friends. If by chance I have any more problems of this nature I will return to Dr. Martin and acupuncture.

Rev. Othell La Fenney

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