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Chronic urinary tract infections

I have fought with chronic urinary tract infections since August 1999. I have seen repeated licensed M.D.’s and taken many different drugs for treatment and prevention, to no avail. Not one single doctor was willing to find the source of my infections. They wanted to write me a prescription and send me on my way until the next inevitable infection came along. Repeated infections and antibiotic treatments have caused inflammation that I suffered daily from. Finally, in October 2003 I came to Dr. Dan Martin at Northfield Acupuncture for help. His first concerns were for my nutrition and immune system. He requested for my past medical records so he could review my previous conditions and treatments. Dr. Dan Martin tested me first for all of my vitamin deficiencies. He started me on vitamin therapy to supplement my deficiencies in a way that oral vitamins could not substitute. I also started taking oral vitamins and minerals. In the past three months my condition has improved at least 80%. I have not had an infection since I have been under Dr. Martins care. My inflammation has improved as well. I fear that if the vitamin therapy is no longer available to me as a form of treatment that I will return to the vicious cycle that I have fought for the past four years.

Shawna Meredith

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