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Cancer arrested

I was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer diffused throughout six areas of my bone structure. I had been living with pain for nine months before an oncologist finally sent me for a bone scan to find out the cause. I had already been going to Dr. Martin for pain management and he was keeping me fairly pain free, or at least kept the pain manageable. With the news of cancer in the bones I called Dr. Martin to cancel the pain management treatments. After I told him I would be taking chemo treatments once a week, he advised me that he could do a lot in conjunction that would build up my immune system so that my body could help with the fight. So once a week after my chemo treatments, I went to Dr. Martin for Oriental Medicine including vitamin treatments.

Finally after a year and a half of chemo treatments, I was able to stop those, but I continued my treatments with Dr. Martin. The cancer had been arrested but the side effects to my body were beginning to take a toll on me. After June 2001, I kept going to Dr. Martin, taking his formulas along with the oral vitamins and herbal prescriptions that was taken daily. Slowly but surely, I started improving getting my health back.

With Dr. Martin’s Acupuncture, I started weaning myself off the pain medication. After a couple of months the pain presented itself to the forefront again. Although my bone scan and CAT scan showed no new growth, everything stable, the oncologist ordered a PET scan for me. That test showed that there was still cancer in the spine and ribs, but in light of the bone and CAT scan, the oncologist elected to do no further treatments. Dr. Martin elected to double up on his treatments. In a matter of weeks my stamina has increased, my pain level has decreased, and I have a general overall feeling of better health. It also has helped me to encourage new cancer patients seeing Dr. Martin and being an example of a successful outcome. With a positive outlook along with Dr. Martin’s help, I am steadily improving and expect to make a full recovery.

Nancy Swint

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