Patient testimonials are personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic and Dr. Dan Martin. Testimonials do not reflect a diagnosis, cure, treatment or preventative for any disease.

Nelda Sue Martin
Date: May 30 2018
I had a brain mass removed from the right temporal lobe on October 6 th , 2017. The diagnosis was glioblastoma, stage IV.

After my surgery, I was told that radiation and chemotherapy were recommended but that there was no cure, I was told that the cancer would return. And I may have a year to live.

At first, I agreed to do the treatment but then after talking with my family, I decided not to. That is when we started looking for other ways to fight this cancer.

My sister-in-law told me about a man that was going to Dr. Dan Martin, and had for several years. He was very pleased with how he had helped him and also others he had told about Dr. Dan.

I started seeing Dr. Dan in Nov. of 2017, he changed my diet and started doing weekly therapy treatments and acupuncture. Supplements to help my body heal and also protein drinks. I have had no pain at all, feel good, and have lots of energy.

On May 15, 2018 I went for another MRI, and there was no cancer. I was overjoyed and humbled to learn this.

I truly believe Dr. Dan has helped to save my life. I also know that I did have lots of prayers being said for me. My faith and trust in God and God working through Dr. Dan and doing what he recommends and having the MRIs. I will continue praying for God’s mercy.

Relda Marshall
Date: February 2018
My name is Relda Marshall and I am one of Dr. Dan Martin’s patients. Six years ago my life was forever changed when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After going through a ten hour surgery to have the cancer removed, I awoke with my family by my side telling me that I had to undergo a total pancreatectomy and was now a Type 1 diabetic. During the operation, my surgeon made the decision to remove the entire pancreas which he determined was in my best interest, but not without getting the approval of my family beforehand. Living without a pancreas for the last six years has definitely changed my life, but it has also given me hope. For four and one-half years I remained cancer free.

Fast forward to January of 2017. Just when life was going so great my oncologist gave me the absolute worst news when he told me my cancer was back. I knew I had to make a change to a healthier way of eating. I’ve always loved food and everyone said I “lived to eat,” but now I would have to “eat to live.” My family began researching juicing and other cancer fighting foods to eat and this became my new mission.

One Wednesday on my son’s day off from work he came to visit me. I asked him to go to Ron’s Health Food Store in Mt. Pleasant, Texas with me. Although he’s not your typical shopper, he agreed to go and we headed out. As we were looking around, we overheard an employee encouraging a couple to go and see Dr. Dan Martin. She was telling them what a difference he had made in her life. My son stopped and asked, “Who did you just say?” What my son had not told me was that just after I had received the news that my cancer had returned, one of his clients in Tyler, Texas had recommended that I go see Dr. Dan Martin at Northfield Clinic in Texarkana, but my son had chosen not to overwhelm me at the time.

You see, when you’re given a cancer diagnosis you can get completely consumed with all the treatment options and can sometimes fail to see the bigger picture, that you can play a major role in your fight against cancer. Ultimately, God is in control of our lives and I’m so thankful for the time he has given me, but one needs to have the will to live and the right mindset to put up the fight. What better way to than to start with a healthier lifestyle diet and a great Doctor with all the right resources?

After hearing what multiple people have said about Dr. Martin and how much of an impact he made in their lives, I felt it was time to get an appointment. Upon meeting him, I knew I was in the right place. He and his staff, Julie and Terri are very accomodating to our needs and are there to make us feel better.

I have now been seeing Dr. Martin one year two to three times weekly and look forward to all my visits. After much discussion with Dr. Martin and my family, it was decided I would receive acupuncture and infusion treatments at Northfield Clinic in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments at Texas Oncology in Mt. Pleasant. I not only feel better after each treatment, but am happy to report that my first CT scan indicated all tumors had decreased in size by one-third during this time frame.

I have adjusted to my new “plant-base” lifestyle and have eliminated dairy, meat, and sugar from my diet. Ist it difficutly? Absolutely, but I will do anything to beat this awful disease. Dr. Martin is such a dedicated Doctor who has helped me tremendously and I am forever indebted to him.
Relda Marshall

Sue Haney
Date: 7 November 2016
I have been receiving treatment for various issues from Dr. Martin for the past 10 years. I have had chelation therapy as well as acupuncture! He can fix your problem whether it be minor or major. The man knows what he is doing and he does it well! 

Sha Gist
Date: 15 December 2016
I have had major headaches since I was 12. My doctor has had me on multiple meds. I thought I had thyroid issues. My husband had great results with neuropathy from Dr. Martin so I thought I would give him a try. Come to find out, I don’t have thyroid issues, I have a slow small intestine. This cured all my issues. I have no headaches now for almost a year. And now problems swallowing.

Danny Cook
Date: 24 December 2016
Words cannot describe how much better you feel after receiving treatment at Northfield Acupuncture Clinic. When I first arrived, I was presented with a condition involving 4 strokes. I could not connect 30 words. I also could not move my right hand, arm, or shoulder. Six months there, I am fully back to practicing law, and I have 80% of my right arm use. Speaking is not a problem. I am a living testament that Dr. Martin is gifted in all that he does.

Valerie Clark
Date: 1 February 2017
With my hip pain, I visited chiropractors, an osteo-bone doctor, a pain management doctor and a neurosurgeon. There are adjustments, MRS’s, trigger-point injections, epidural, “nerve-destroying” and finally, some surgical back procedure I can’t pronounce. The overall results of all this were… none. Little over a year ago, a friend finally recommended I try an acupuncturist in Texarkana. I really believe that Dr. Martin and his special staff have kept me out of the wheelchair. If you are in pain and struggling, I highly recommend you try the Northfield Clinic.

Paige Blackmon
Date: 13 January 2017
I have found Dr. Martin to be extremely knowledgeable in his respective fields. I am a strong believer in Alternative medicine and Dr. Martin is the person I rely on for preventative medicine and to treat current medical issues. We are lucky to have a well-studied practitioner on Alternative therapies and cures in our area.

Mary Crabtree
Date: 1 May 2016
Northfield is the only place I want treatment. I don’t like to take medications, so this choice is what’s for me. Last summer, I was diagnosed with Ventricular Bigeminy, a condition where your heart beats an extra beat. I have been getting chelation for about 9 months with vitamins. I am feeling so much better. Northfield is the only way to go for me. Dr. Martin and his staff are the greatest!

Marina James
Date: 2 March 2017
I don’t even know where to begin, but to say that I am forever grateful to Dr. Dan is an understatement. He blessed my husband and our family with the most amazing bundle of joy. After 3 years of marriage, my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. When I stopped taking the birth control, we thought like every other couple, we would just become pregnant. When it didn’t just happen, I consulted with my gynecologist and had extensive lab work done and was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and referred to an Endocrinologist.

With PCOS, I would go several months without having a cycle and when it came it would be very painful. After several blood draws and ultrasounds confirming PCOS, I was put on progesterone to induce a period and them Clomid to help with ovulation. Needless to say, I maxed out on the cycles of Clomid and did not conceive. At this point, it had been over a year of trying and no pregnancy, no baby, still no regular menstrual cycle.

We were then referred to a very aggressive fertility specialist that was ready to start the big bang of hormone therapy and in vitro fertilization if necessary. I was skeptical, because of the thought of the cost and the idea of possibly failing or us having multiple children as well as the side effects these drugs would have on my body physically. Clomid itself had done enough! Every side effect imaginable I experienced with the letdown of no child, I couldn’t see myself doing that. So I began online research, reading blogs and looking for natural ways to deal with PCOS and infertility. So I did exactly what others said worked for them: going on a diet, cutting certain foods out of my meal plan, taking herbs and vitamins and yes this all induced a menstrual cycle but still not a baby and now we were creeping up on year two of trying to conceive.

I read up on acupuncture and success stories and was ready to give it a try. In 2013 when I found Dr. Dan and went for my initial visit, I immediately knew our little blessing was on its way! He vowed to work with me through it all and promised me a little bundle of love. I vividly remember it being my last session with Dr. Dan before we agreed to start acupuncture once a month and he said, “go home and get busy.”

So… After 3 months of herbs and vitamins along with acupuncture, I finally saw a positive pregnancy test!!! 9 months later, a beautiful baby girl was born! You can truly tell Dr. Dan loves what he does as a naturopathic doctor and great at it! I am constantly referring people to him, not just for infertility but every medical need because I trust and believe in what he does. I’m a lifelong patient!

Kris & Terry McDowell
Terry and I both have the type of job that’s all about helping others. So we know how it’s often a thankless draining day. So we just wanted you to know we believe in what you are doing and feel very grateful that you are willing to do it, and thank you for doing all you can for me in one of the hardest times of my life!

Julia Francis Pierce
Two days after my 58th b-day I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. Did not qualify for surgery due to the extensive size of the tumors. Chemo was the only treatment, that the number one cancer facility in Arkansas, offered me. Seven months later my daughter, Samantha, carried me into Dr. Dan Martin’s office. Carrying me wasn’t difficult for her due to the fact I had lost eighty pounds by this time. An extensive evaluation and much conversation later, Dr. Martin told Samantha that he “would not promise to save my life but could certainly increase my quality of life and comfort for what time I did have left”. My first visit was in October 2015, by Thanksgiving I was walking on my own and gaining weight. Clarity of mind and speech returned. Today, July 18, 2016, I am very much alive and living a productive life. My visits to Dr. Martins office still are the only reason I am gardening and enjoying the river this summer. My oncologists have sent me home to die and offered me hospice services twice. Had it not been for Dr. Dan Martin saving my life, my children would have lost their mother and grandmother last year. Not an opinion, just facts. I do not know what tomorrow holds, I do not return to that wonderful cancer hospital, I will continue with Dr. Martin to keep my quality of life as good as it can be, for as long as it will be.

Ana Gonzalez
Only after 2 treatments, I have noticed a considerable increase in energy levels. I used to have to lay down and take naps just to get through the day. Also, my blood sugar levels are staying normal even after 1 treatment. A big improvement is that I have been able to sleep through the night without waking up. I am very pleased.

Beryl Butler
I feel better, I am healthier, I am sleeping better, diabetes is better, arthritis pain is gone. I just feel better. There is a feeling of calmness after my treatments.

Bess Walker
I feel stronger, dizziness and noises in my head are gone. I just feel like I have more life about me.

Bobby Bustin Family
The treatments helped her eat more than a peanut butter sandwich for the whole day. Her color improved. She was not as nervous or as depressed. She had more energy and strength than before she began the treatments. She was able to breathe easier after her treatments.

Brenda Ellis
The treatments have been excellent. I go to see an herbal specialist once a year, I recently went in December and she said “I could immediately tell that the treatments were working. I can tell it in your skin.” I feel that my overall well being has improved 100% I highly recommend this therapy to anyone.

Carol Anderson
I feel better as far as the aches and pains that I had. My energy level has increased and to be honest if I didn’t feel better and believe that it’s worked I wouldn’t continue to come.

Carolyn Sue Brown
I first came to Dr. Martin six weeks ago. I had been diagnosed with all types of joint and muscle diseases including lupus and D.J.D. (Degenerative joint disease). I was taking 10 different medicines. I had to be aided to walk and even to get up and down.

I am now off all but two medications (and I am working on weaning from those). I am able to do many things for myself.

I would tell anyone who has been told, “all we can do for you is to make you as pain-free as we can” to try alternative medicine.

Carolyn Teel
I am 42 years old and have suffered from TMJ headaches for 20 years. I have tried braces, surgery, splints, chiropractic adjustments, and daily medication. Each of these provided some temporary relief but no long-term benefits. I am amazed at how much acupuncture has helped. After only one treatment I felt instantly better! I have been symptom-free for weeks. My only regret is that I didn’t try this sooner.

Thank you to Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff for all of their help.

Daniel Sherrouse
100% better than when I started. I have more energy I feel younger. When I first came the M.D.s said I had cancer in my colon. I started seeing Dr. Martin. Now I show no signs of cancer after numerous therapy treatments.

Dave Austin
Diagnosed April 2003 with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

I came to Dr. Martin because the neurologist said “go home, disability retire and enjoy what days you have left.”

Through vitamin and supplement therapy, he has helped me maintain my health and energy level so I can lead as normal a life as possible with what I have.

Don Butler
Since then I have been backed off of about 1/3 of the pain medicine I was taking. Swelling has gown down. I am sleeping better and I just feel better.

Dora M Tucker
This is a summary of how vitamin therapy has helped me so far. I have more energy to do what has to be done and to also play with my new grandson. Before I started my treatments I was tired, irritable, and just wanted to hide in my room when we had company. Now I enjoy going places, having company over, and especially having the strength to play with my grandchild. I am also a lot calmer than I was. The antidepressants and hormones my OB/GYN had me on did not do anything except to make me hard to wake up at night after I took them if there was any emergency that needed my attention. I was still tired and drugged feeling the next day when I was taking the medicine she prescribed for me. They did not help the way these treatments has helped me so far. I was on the antidepressants and nerve pills for a month and they did not do what these treatments have done for me in just two weeks.

Eddie Erwin
I had just given up before I started. Now I can do most anything I want to do now. I appreciate Dr. Martin and the treatments I have received and am grateful that I have the alternative choice.

Gary Hindi, Jr.
It helps with digestion and with depression, more energy and sleep better.

Glenn Laborde
I have been receiving treatments for almost 1 year now and have noticed a marked improvement in my breathing and heart condition. Since starting the treatments, my blood pressure problems have improved substantially and have been able to reduce my prescribed medications significantly. The treatments along with acupuncture have improved my sleeping patterns and with the B-12 injection, my energy and stamina have also improved.

Harold Payne
He has helped with digestion and sinuses!

Jack Lloyd
You are a Godsend! Mother is regaining her eyesight. Her cancer is in remission

My cancer is in check. My pinched nerve due to bone spurs are resolved.

The Lloyd family owes you a lot! Thank You!!!

Jack Lloyd
One month ago, I came to you with test results showing my liver enzyme markers extremely high. ALT at 188 and AST at 226, with < 50 being the normal range. My M.D.’s wanted me to get a CT and MRI at a cost of $2,000.00. You advised me to get your liver detox program for thirty days which I did, then get retested. Today my re-test shows ALT at 42 and AST at 43. What a relief at a cost of only $30.00!!! Many, Many thanks! You remain my “Primary Care Physician”.

Jack Lloyd
The following is my testimony with regard to my health condition and subsequent treatment by Dr. Dan Martin and his well trained and highly capable assistant, Pat Billingsley, at the Northfield Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Clinic. I am a fifty-seven year old male who had nursed his fifty-four year old cancer stricken wife through twelve long years of surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy (cut, burn, poison) treatments along with numerous drugs with devastating side effects. Fortunately, I took early retirement in 1991 which allowed me to be with my wife every step of the journey. My Deborah passed away on December 22, 2002 with a severely crippled immune system as a result of twelve continuous months of unsuccessful chemotherapy coupled with our M.D. Teams total ignorance and complete disregard for the proven effects of nutrition in the form of vitamin/mineral supplements and a host of successful treatments available through alternative medicine (Partial Parenteral Nutrition as only one example). “Modern Western medicine as sanctioned by the AMA and FDA relies entirely too heavily on drugs, surgery, radiation and chemo as opposed to Alternative medicine’s primary focus on the immune system. If the immune system is healthy it will protect and defend us from disease. This is the conclusion I have drawn based on years of experience, and my contempt for inadequate training for our Medical Doctors which is well founded. By late January 2003 I had become both physically and mentally exhausted. My grief had taken its toll! I had lost seventeen pounds (10% of body weight on a 5’10” frame). I had no energy, could not sleep well and had to force myself to eat. Every conceivable allergen was attacking me and aggravating my sinuses and lungs. My blood pressure averaged 168-98. I was irritable with very low tolerance for people’s actions and verbiage. I isolated myself from others and had emotional breakdowns every day. I was in a deep state of depression. In mid February, 2003 I knew I had to have professional help.

I considered my family physician but knew with near certainty that his approach would be to prescribe tranquilizers for the sleeplessness, Zoloft, Prosac or a derivative for depression, steroid for the appetite, and probably some antibiotics to fight off a “potential” infectious disease due to my run-down condition. This was a no-brainer for me. While these drugs may have masked my symptoms they would not have cured my ailment, a compromised immune system. I sought help of Dr. Dan Martin at Northfield Clinic. I had visited his website and was overwhelmed with his credentials and vast array of available treatments. I received the oxidata test, Integra Bio-Terrain Test and blood test which I term the “lick, stick, pee in cup tests”. The results were that my immune system had flat-lined, my adrenal glands were stressed, I had cellular damage, and elevated blood pressure and a liver ALT marker of 58. I had already concluded that my immune system was in a sad state but I had no idea of the role that the adrenals play. They secrete hormones that influence all the physiological processes in the body. They affect the utilization of fats and carbohydrates, the conversion of fats and proteins into energy, blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functions, minimize allergic reactions, etc. According to J.V. Wright, M.D. and J.L. Wilton, N.D., D.C., Ph. D (book entitled Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Syndrome) adrenal fatigue is not a condition that is taught our M.D.’s. They are taught Addison’s Disease, a complete failure of the adrenals, which is treated with steroids for the life of a patient. M.D.’s are not trained to diagnose adrenal fatigue – they don’t even know this condition exists! They prescribe drugs to mask the symptoms until the condition advances to Addison’s, then a lifetime of steroids. Dr. Martin began my treatment with PPN, Meyer’s therapy, to restore both circulating and stored nutrient pools in my body. I received five of these all the while taking his vitamin/mineral supplements along with Drenatrophin for the adrenals. I then began Oxidative Therapy and EDTA alternated weekly. By the end of April I had regained most of my weight loss. My blood pressure was normal. My ALT liver count was 23, down from 58. My adrenals began to function more productively. My energy level improved. I could sleep soundly and could think much more clearly. It is now November, 2003. I have more energy than I’ve had anytime during the past ten years. I sleep well and feel great. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Martin and his fine staff, Pat and Beth, for their expertise in Alternative Medicine and for their genuine concern and support. It has indeed been an uplifting experience to hear what other patients say about their treatments at Northfield Clinic.

I have met dozens who have suffered from Chrones, Arthritis, Lupus, Thyroid, Hypoglycemia, cardiovascular, cancer who had given up hope. The most common comment was “My doctor (M.D.) put me on steroids and pain medications and said that was all he could do”. These patients now are talking about Dr. Martin’s treatments being “miracle cures”, but it’s not a miracle – it’s a common sense approach to restoring the immune system to its optimum level. To date, I have referred close to thirty of my family, friends and neighbors to Dr. Martin, including my eighty-seven year old mother with cancer and arthritis. She was in a very weakened state five months ago. She now walks unassisted quite often, driver her car, cleans her house and frequently works in her yard and garden. She is mentally sharp and physically sound for her age. 100% of my referrals enthusiastically recommend Dr. Martin: When a product or service meets or exceeds our expectations we are eager to endorse it. Dr. Martin is quick to point out that M.D.’s play a critical role, with surgeries and the suck, in healthcare.

I agree, but based on my experiences, my primary health care provider will be alternative medicine as practiced by Dr. Dan Martin. My secondary healthcare provider will be my M.D. as an alternative last resort. If I can ever be of any assistance to anyone in anyway please do not hesitate to call me in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Maybe what I’ve learned through twelve years of hard knocks could prevent other the frustration and pain. You are much more than my physician. You are a trusted friend. Thanks for all that you do. Happy Birthday!

James Morrow
I have been taking vitamin therapy since April 2003. I had a lot of trouble with my lungs and this therapy has helped me tremendously.

I am 75 years old and the vitamin therapy has made me feel much better, sleep better and in general improved my life.

Janet Noble, RN
I came to Dr. Martin’s clinic hoping for help with a torn rotator cuff and bursitis. Prior to my first appointment with Dr. Martin, I endured 9 months of physical therapy, 3 times a week, and was worse off than when I started. My orthopedic doctor recommended surgery if I didn’t show significant improvement within 90 days. I dropped the physical therapy and asked Dr. Martin to help me avoid surgery. By the time of my next appointment with the surgeon there was such an improvement, surgery was no longer a consideration.

In March one of the smartest things I did, was ask Dr. Martin to be my primary care physician. I was fortunate that he agreed. Since then, we worked together to cure or improve a number of issues.

I’ve had severe asthma for most of my life. The use of antibiotics and steroids has been the ‘go to’ solution for my physicians. Now, under Dr. Martin’s care I breathe easier, with greater lung capacity than ever. December 3rd, 2014 marks the first time in 35 years that for 12 months I didn’t use antibiotics or steroids to help me breathe.

Dr. Martin’s dietary and supplement suggestions allowed me to drop my total cholesterol by 30% and my LDL by 20% within 60 days. I am no longer a candidate for cholesterol lowering drugs because my levels are within the normal range.

You too can be teammates with Dr. Martin. He will provide therapy that will facilitate your healing. He will offer information to help you understand treatments you are receiving, and the herbal or vitamin supplements he is recommending. However, you are the critical member of the team. It’s up to you to implement the modifications he recommends. If Dr. Martin suggests diet changes’ it’s up to you to make sure the right foods go in your mouth, and the wrong foods stay out. If he recommends supplements you must figure out a way to be 100% compliant taking them. Stretching, icing, and whatever exercises Dr. Martin recommends are all up to you. If you do your part, your healing will occur much faster. If you don’t and depend solely on his expertise then the process slows down, much like a bicycle with only one wheel Enjoy your partnership with Dr. Martin. It will be delightful, full of insight, education, and laughter.

If you truly wish to heal and are willing to work just as hard as he does, then expect incredible results. Soon you will be writing your own letter of gratitude.

Wishing you a speedy journey to health and wellness.

Jeanette Hulsey
Dr. Dan Martin of Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic gave me back my life. Let me share two examples with you. I have had a weight problem all my life due to a voracious appetite and junk food cravings. Both of these bad habits are almost nonexistent since I started treatments with Dr. Dan. I am under 200 pounds for the first time in 25 years without starving to death to achieve the weight loss. I suffered from chronic fatigue that was so severe, I withdrew from any social life. After a couple of Dr. Dan’s treatments, I have started enjoying a social life and look forward to activities I had not felt like doing for many years. Do you want a new spring in your step? Do you have chronic ailments? Do you want to enjoy a more fulfilling retirement? Give Dr. Dan Martin at Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine a call.

Jeff & Edie Mobbs
We wanted to thank you for the care and concern you gave to our brother, Tim Mobbs. Thanks for treating him with dignity & respect, not just another patient number. We believe you gave us a couple of extra days with Tim. You will never know how much that meant to us. God Bless You

Jennifer Hagebuslh
Thank you for letting me put my boxes in your clinic. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate you trying & helping Texarkana understand the huge benefits of alternative medicine. I believe that you are really making a difference. Please use these gift certificates however you like.

Jessie Fatherree
Dr. Dan has been treating me for 10 years or more. When I get so low I come see him he is My Rock. He has treated me for knee problems, sinus trouble and lately he’s been finding out why my head hurts all the time. He has stopped my legs from hurting. I haven’t had a treatment for my legs in about six weeks. I work on the farm. I will be 72, 7-29-1938. I do anything I did 20 years ago, as far as working. I know Dr. Dan has helped me. My husband came to see him for several years for back trouble and he would feel better before we left town. Thanks again for everything, we all love you.

Joe Amis
Given me more energy. When I first started treatment I could not get up and out of the chairs or walk up stairs all of which I am able to do now. Pain in my legs has completely gone away. I just feel better all around.

Joseph R. Prickett
I would like to recommend Dan Martin in the treatment of pain and soreness in my upper back and shoulders. The use of acupuncture has brought relief and comfort to those areas of my body. And my wife, Frances W. Prickett, also has been treated by Dan Martin with acupuncture for pain and tension in her back shoulders. Dr. Martin also has a high standard of morality and ethics that I appreciate. He is highly regarded by myself and my wife in the practice of the healing art of acupuncture.

Joyce Killingsworth
Chelation therapy is helping me get my life back and I’m excited! About twelve years ago I was diagnosed with third-stage Lyme disease

After extreme treatment, I was able to return to my normal way of life, although I was never quite the same. About two years ago, due to a suppressed immune system caused by many contributing factors, I hit bottom again with recurring Lyme. I reached a very weakened condition. It became impossible for me to continue teaching and teaching was what I loved and enjoyed. Many days since I could hardly get out of bed due to weakness, fatigue and pain. I hardly went anywhere or felt like doing anything at all. After some time my Lyme doctor, who is an M.D., decided to test for heavy or toxic metals.

The report showed high levels on two of them. My doctor suggested that I consider EDTA Chelation treatment so I made an appointment with Dr. Dan Martin in Texarkana, Arkansas. My husband accompanied me to my appointment. I was so weak and fatigued that I barely made it through the examination and consultation. Dr. Martin agreed that I needed EDTA, but recommended a few simple tests. That same visit he concluded that I was far too weak and would need vitamin therapy before any other treatment. We consented and I began treatment that day. With each weekly treatment, I am showing improvement and now feel better and stronger. Everyone remarks about how much better I look and how I’m acting more like myself. I’m taking less pain medicine, sleeping better and doing more too. Although I’m not where I want and need to be. I’m well on my way. Before beginning Chelation, I was making little or no progress. In fact, I was getting worse in some ways. I’m so thankful that I was pointed in the right direction to receive the therapy.

My immune system is getting stronger, enabling my body to fight and heal. It has made a great difference for me. Upon meeting other patients during my therapy, I have learned of its many uses and success stories. I just wish more people were aware of the availability and benefits of chelation.

J.P. Roberson
Dan, I can’t tell you how much better I feel since coming into your care. Thanks for keeping me alive!! I know the way I was feeling before and it was awful. Thanks Man

Judy Field
I have been coming to Dr. Martins Clinic 6 months and have noticed many changes in my conditions. My family has also noted these changes. I was at a crossroads in my life that I needed to start feeling better, not always sick. Dr. Martin addressed each area with patience and I have found results that other medical personnel didn’t address. Aches and pains I had learned to live with are now gone. Acupuncture treatments have worked well for me. Supplements have definitely made a difference in my well being. I would highly recommend Dr. Martin.

Katie Coats
You say it’s not rocket science and you say that there are many others who could do what you do! But no matter what you say, I know that you make a huge difference in those you treat. I just talked to Scott, and if you could have heard the HOPE in his voice (compared to total defeat that had settled in from lack of any inkling of promise of EVER feeling anything close to normal again)! you would KNOW that you completely underestimate and undervalue what you do. It’s more than the time you spend face to face (and reading ridiculously long and verbose emails from certain patients to remain unnamed)! it’s so much more than that. Thank you!

Almost 3 years ago, I was diagnosed (possibly misdiagnosed) with ulcerative colitis. I was hospitalized twice within 2 months. I switched from one gastro doctor to another with absolutely no success. They all did the same thing, put me on more prescription medications. I was on Prednisone and Asacol, just to name a couple of the life altering drugs. At age 36, I had no energy and was unable to do many of the things I was used to doing. I suffered many debilitating stomach conditions ( I won’t go into the gory details), and I do mean suffered for about 8 months. Then a friend told me about Dr. Dan Martin. At first I was a little skeptical. During my first meeting with Dr. Martin he said with confidence, “We’ll get you back on track.” At that point, I knew everything was going to be okay. Within 3-4 months, I was off ALL prescription medications, and starting to feel somewhat normal again. I regained my energy and felt like my former self again. I am now able to do the things that I thought I would never be able to do again (like running in a marathon). I still go to Dr. Martin occasionally when I feel the need. He keeps me balanced, energetic and has taught me natural ways to heal myself. I’m so thankful for what Dr. Martin has done for me. In fact, I try to pass his name along to everyone I know.

Larry East
Energy level is coming up to normal. Abdominal pain is easier. I recommend people to have the treatments.

Laurie Pilgreen
I came to Dr. Martin in October ’10 after going to many doctors with very little results. After Surgery I was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury that damaged my nervous system. I was in pain from my neck down to my toes. My hands were always so cold that I had worn gloves since August 2009. My hands and fingers were also in a lot of pain as were my arms and legs. I could barely walk or get around when I came in and by the end of my 1st visit Dr. Martin told me that he could get me 30 to 80 % better. By February I felt so good that I went on a cruise with friends. When I came back I stopped wearing my gloves 24/7. It has been a year since I first came to Northfield Clinic and I feel that I am that 80% better from the 1st day I came in. Dr. Martin and his staff have been so nice and good to me. My pain is down to a minimum and I am back to my “old self”. I still do treatments to keep me up and going. I’m very pleased with my treatment.

Lesa Jamison & Mom
Caring is not a trait that is obtained on-the-job, it is not taught in the classroom nor received via experience. It is something that is innately acquired. You display this trait in the relationship with your patients.

Giving of yourself unselfishly without ever stopping to validate or credit yourself, is a sign of a true icon. Your esteem of yourself never enters your mind, you take no credit for your value, however, many lives stand in testimony of your work. Your work and the administration of your care is unique to only you. You disperse a part of yourself in what you do so much so that at the end of the day, is there anything left for you? That is why I bring the snacks, coffee, etc.. It is only a small portion of a display of appreciation for what you do, and to prepare you for your next day/week/ and month’s endeavor. When I receive service on my vehicle, I note that there are two charges, one for parts and the other for labor.

The labor charge is usually higher than the other. We receive only one charge from you, and that is for the parts. The labor charge is “given” to us through your labor of love. You love what you do and you’re better than “good” at what you do. You can never be replaced, you are one of a kind. Dr. Martin, it is not in your nature to accept this form of compliment or praise, but here is at least one point in a person’s life where they can look back throughout this horrifying world and realize, that someone cared and gave unselfishly of themselves without ever looking for anything in return. You do that for your patients, and therefore you possess great value/worth. “You are valued, and your worth is immeasurable”. You make this aesthetically pleasing to do for you because of your unselfish giving of yourself. With this thought, Dr. Dan L. Martin, I validate you!..your work!..and I validate your life!

“Validate: To recognize..support. confirm..establish..or !illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy.”

Lenda Selph
I, Lenda Selph, have been a patient of Dan Martin, Oriental Medicine Doctor, since July 2001. The vitamin therapy I received at his office improved my blood pressure I want to continue having access to this type of therapy in the future.

Linda D. Gray
Thank You!!!. Your letter was enough for my insurance company to lift the restriction of pre-existing and pay my claims!. I could not have accomplished this without your help!!!

Lisa L. Ellis
I first heard about Dr. Dan Martin and Northfield Clinic from a relative. They suggested that I consider taking a close friend who had been diagnosed as terminal to see Dr. Martin. My friend was suffering from D.O.P.C. and chronic respiratory distress due to the removal of part of each of his lungs. He was also suffering from panic attacks due to his inability to breathe. My friend had tried all the conventional therapies as well as several alternative treatments such as subluxation, etc. I was very skeptical at first about the treatments offered at Northfield Clinic, but, considering the fact that my dear friend was on hospice and had been told that he had no more than 6 months to live we were willing to try just about anything that offered us some hope. On our first visit to Northfield Clinic I could tell that this was not like the other clinics and doctors’ we had been taking him to see.

Dr. Martin and his staff gave us hope and really cared about my friends’ condition. Just to let you know how bad off my friend was, when we started his treatments at Northfield Clinic, let me say that my friend was on between 10 to 15 prescription medications and his cardiologist and pulmonologist were constantly adding more medication to combat the side effects of his other medications. Some of the medications such as the breathing treatments, Xanax, etc. my friend had been on for almost 15 years.

We felt that he was at the mercy of a medical establishment, that even at the best of times, treated him like a number, showed little or no compassion and gave absolutely no hope for his future. The most that the doctors and hospice were willing to offer was to help keep him medicated until he died. I could go on and on with stories of what I consider downright abuse and neglect on their part but I am sure most people reading this have experienced similar treatment from doctors, nurses and clinics in this area. Dr. Martin and his staff were very different, to say the least!!! I started taking my friend to see Dr. Martin in May 2008. Dr. Martin started out by evaluating my friend and running several tests and listening to my friend and what he had to say.

Dr. Martin wanted to know what the patient wanted him to try to accomplish. After the first visit Dr. Martin started giving my friend vitamin therapy we fondly refer to as “desert” that contains a vitamin, mineral and supplements that is tailor made for my friend and his condition. He gets these treatments at the clinic twice a week as well as several vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. to take daily at home. As of August 2008, my friend is no longer on all those prescriptions that he had to take for so many years.

He still has to use oxygen (but less than before the treatments) and occasionally a rescue inhaler, but, he no longer requires breathing treatments, blood pressure medication, nerve medication, etc. Just this miracle alone is amazing and would have made me change doctors, however, I must also say that Dr. Martin and his entire staff, from Tinka (his nurse), Stephanie (his receptionist), and even Pat (his book keeper) have gone above and way beyond the call of duty when it comes to care giving!!!! Dr. Martin has even returned phone calls on Sundays (his only real day off). Dr. Martin has even told my friend that he could call him at 3 A.M. if he was having a panic attack and I wasn’t available to help him.

I have NEVER seen such care and dedication to patients from any doctor and/clinic. They haven’t just stopped there.

They understand the stress and strain I am under as a caregiver for my friend and they always take time to ask how I am doing and if they can help with any issues I am having. If, nothing more than, just listening and helping me to understand my friend’s disease. The Northfield staff is overworked to say the least but you would never know it by the quality of care they give and each of them always has a smile and a kind word. Results from the treatments were no overnight and we still have a way to go but THE TREATMENTS DO WORK!!!!! Dr. Martin evaluates my friend’s condition at every visit and makes changes when needed. If a vitamin, supplement, medication, herb, etc. is no longer needed or the dose can be lowered Dr. Martin makes the changes. To me, his goal seems to be getting the body to function as it should with as little outside help as possible. I just can’t say enough about how wonderful the entire Northfield Clinic staff is and there is no doubt in my mind that they have helped to extend the life of my dear friend as well as the quality of his life. As for me and my family we have a new doctor and several new friends. I thank GOD every day for Dr. Martin and the entire Northfield Clinic staff.

Just a little note to say Thank-you for helping me. I really do appreciate it. Your kind thoughts and deeds will not go unnoticed. I think a lot of you and the work you do. I also have a great deal of respect for your ability. Please don’t ever give up.

Marilyn & Beth Gilsore
To a “Real” caring Dr. Thank you so much for the little box of ties. They loved the others. Thanks again!

Marsha McCormick
I have fibromyalgia. I feel better and have more energy. 

Mary and JB Stone
Thank you, Dr. Martin, for the good and continuous care you have given our family. At one time or another we all have needed your expertise.

At the present time my husband, J.B. Stone, visits you monthly for his EDTA treatments, which have kept his vascular system free of blockages following quadruple bypass surgery in 2003. The doctors have been amazed that he has no sign of recurrence of blockage. The normal usefulness of the relocated vessels is 10 years. He is doing well and feels good.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with WMG, a rare blood cancer that produces abnormal platelets that untreated, can cause the blood to become viscous to the point of the heart becoming unable to pump it resulting in death. There is no real cure medically and once diagnosed, the life expectancy is about four years. I am doing well with weekly treatments that include hydrogen peroxide and occasional vitamin therapy.

My doctor is not enthusiastic or willing to discuss my alternative therapies but every once in a while he encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing.

At first my insurance company paid for my treatments but since I didn’t get beyond the need for treatments, they quit.

Thank you for all you continue to do for us.

Michael Parker
Thanks for helping me with the pain I had for many years. I no longer have to deal with it.

Mike Davis
I use alternative medicine as a preventative maintenance to stay healthy. I consider these treatments as my health insurance, seeing as I don’t have health insurance. If this treatment was taken away I don’t know what I would do because I don’t go to traditional medical doctors.

Nancy Cook
(The treatments) It makes me feel better. I love my energy, not as tired as I used to be. I feel healthier than before I started my therapy.

Nancy Swint
December 20, 1999 I was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer diffused throughout six areas of my bone structure. I had been living with pain for nine months before an oncologist finally sent me for a bone scan to find out the cause. I had already been going to Dr. Martin for pain management and he was keeping me fairly pain free, or at least kept the pain manageable. With the news of cancer in the bones I called Dr. Martin to cancel the pain management treatments. After I told him I would be taking chemo treatments once a week, he advised me that he could do a lot in conjunction that would build up my immune system so that my body could help with the fight. So once a week after my chemo treatments, I went to Dr. Martin for Oriental Medicine including vitamin treatments.

Finally after a year and a half of chemo treatments, I was able to stop those, but I continued my treatments with Dr. Martin. The cancer had been arrested but the side effects to my body were beginning to take a toll on me. After June 2001, I kept going to Dr. Martin, taking his formulas along with the oral vitamins and herbal prescriptions that was taken daily. Slowly but surely, I started improving getting my health back.

With Dr. Martin’s Acupuncture, I started weaning myself off the pain medication. After a couple of months the pain presented itself to the forefront again. Although my bone scan and CAT scan showed no new growth, everything stable, the oncologist ordered a PET scan for me. That test showed that there was still cancer in the spine and ribs, but in light of the bone and CAT scan, the oncologist elected to do no further treatments. Dr. Martin elected to double up on his treatments. In a matter of weeks my stamina has increased, my pain level has decreased, and I have a general overall feeling of better health. It also has helped me to encourage new cancer patients seeing Dr. Martin and being an example of a successful outcome. With a positive outlook along with Dr. Martin’s help, I am steadily improving and expect to make a full recovery.

Patricia Minter
When I first came in I was in extreme pain. I immediately got relief even after my first treatment. I am thrilled to death that we have this form of medicine and treatment available. I don’t think I would have gotten these results in the traditional medical field. I am just thrilled!

Rev. Othell La Fenney
I am a patient of Dr. Dan Martin. My first visit with him was approximately three years ago. I had injured my shoulder and a friend of mine told me about Dr. Martin. I recently had to go back to him with a severe pain in my lower back. I could hardly get up and down and could only walk with much pain. Having had results before, I felt that he could help with his method of massaging. After having to get help to lay on the massage table, I was introduced to acupuncture. I have always been just a bit skeptical about this method of practice. However, we decided to let him try the acupuncture on my back and I am glad I did. When he had completed the work I was able to get off the table without any assistance and with no pain at all. I could Harley believe what had happened. I was so pleased that I made another appointment a week later just as a precaution. I did however, have a little soreness during this time but no more pain. I was able to go about my daily routine. I was and am so pleased and convinced with acupuncture that I have shared my experience with my church and many other friends. If by chance I have any more problems of this nature I will return to Dr. Martin and acupuncture.

Ron Britt
After test was made in August 2004, my family doctor told me I had prostate cancer. He offered me different types of surgery. My older brother had prostate surgery and the results left him wearing a catheter bag. I decided to go a different route. A friend told me about Dr. Dan Martin. I went to see him for consultation. He told me he could treat the prostate naturally. At the time my blood pressure was 200/110, which worried Dr. Dan more than the prostate diagnosis. I began taking chelation treatments for six months. I now have no cancer or prostate infections, and my blood pressure reads 130/80. I am 63-years-old and consider myself in excellent health!

Rose Briggs
Treatments have helped my circulation and breathing. Energy levels are restored. Treatments have also helped with my high blood pressure as well as my thyroid function. I wish to continue treatments as scheduled and I am glad I have the ability to receive treatments from Dr. Martin.

Ruth Stewart
In 2005, walking cane in hand, I appeared in your office with a load of complaints: diabetes, constant fatigue, joint pain, aching all over, incontinence dizziness, ready for it to be all over. You listened quietly to all of my ailments, then stated it would all get better. (The hug helped too.) Well, it has gotten better. My role as care giver to my eighty-six year old husband (an Alzheimer’s victim) continues. With your help, I have been able to care for him at home. The nasal formula you prescribed has lessened the drainage so we both sleep much better at night and have a more peaceful day. After testing and treating the causes of my many ailments you have made my life much more bearable.

Sam Kelly
I have been receiving alternative medicine treatments since 1996. I have chosen alternative medicine because western medicine doesn’t work for me. I feel that if I had continued going with western medicine I would probably be dead by now. I am grateful for the right to receive alternative medicine and feel that the attempt to take it away is a direct violation of my rights.

Sandra Curtis
I went years without ever having a doctor or having any of my problems diagnosed. I am glad I had a choice of what kind of doctor or what kind of treatment I went to. I feel that this is a very positive form of health management.

Stephanie Haberman
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dan Martin’s for a little over a year and in that time he has helped me through several health issues that I had when I first came to him in May, 2007. The thing I like the most probably about coming to Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic (other than the doctor and staff) is that I am “involved” with my treatment, I have a part to play and a voice that is heard. That part might mean taking my temperature and/or blood pressure reading twice a day and keeping a log that I bring in each time I come.

It may mean taking my supplements as directed or following an eating or exercise plan that has been prescribed for me. It keeps it real and it gives me a sense of control over what is going on. It’s totally unlike mainstream medicine where the “doctor” prescribes you a drug for a symptom and when that pill no longer works and your symptom rears it’s ugly head once again, he prescribes you another drug and then another drug until pretty soon your life is controlled by a lot of prescription drugs that don’t do anything except mask your symptoms which are trying to alert you to the underlying cause in the first place.

However the cause is never treated and therefore, you never really get well. And it makes you feel totally out of control and depressed, for which, the mainstream kind of doctors will prescribe you yet another drug. Been there, done that and I’m not going back. It’s not the same kind of deal at Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic. They treat the whole person and get to the cause of the problem. Dr. Martin is a soft-spoken, modest man with a dry sense of humor. The one thing that becomes very clear is that he cares about his patients. He’s always thinking about that can make them better, interacting with them, listening, listening and listening some more. So when my blood pressure shot up and started giving me some real problems it was good to know that I was a real person to my doctor and not a number in the waiting room. When he said, “We’ve got to protect your heart” I thought “OK, this is a team effort.” I’m now into my 15th EDTA Chelation Treatment, and just out of curiosity I’ve been charting my progress and right around the 10th treatment, just like all the other Chelation patients who are no on a maintenance plan told me, my blood pressure started dropping on its own and continues to drop. And what’s really cool is that my treatment was tailored made to my specific needs.

It was not a one size fits all kind of plan. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. The blurred vision is gone. I can now exercise without becoming exhausted. I have energy again and don’t feel depressed. This is a big deal to me as it’s 180 degrees opposite from how I felt the first day I walked into the clinic. I feel extremely hopeful about the future once again and I refer everyone I meet or strike a conversation with to Dan Martin and Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic. Good health is priceless and worth whatever it takes to reclaim it and keep it. I can’t urge people enough to begin today to reclaim theirs.

Shawna Meredith
I have fought with chronic urinary tract infections since August 1999. I have seen repeated licensed M.D.’s and taken many different drugs for treatment and prevention, to no avail. Not one single doctor was willing to find the source of my infections. They wanted to write me a prescription and send me on my way until the next inevitable infection came along. Repeated infections and antibiotic treatments have caused inflammation that I suffered daily from. Finally, in October 2003 I came to Dr. Dan Martin at Northfield Acupuncture for help. His first concerns were for my nutrition and immune system. He requested for my past medical records so he could review my previous conditions and treatments. Dr. Dan Martin tested me first for all of my vitamin deficiencies. He started me on vitamin therapy to supplement my deficiencies in a way that oral vitamins could not substitute. I also started taking oral vitamins and minerals. In the past three months my condition has improved at least 80%. I have not had an infection since I have been under Dr. Martins care. My inflammation has improved as well. I fear that if the vitamin therapy is no longer available to me as a form of treatment that I will return to the vicious cycle that I have fought for the past four years.

Shirley May
American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team LIFE would like to thank you for your donations for our survivor bags. Without you, we would not have been able to provide such nice items to show the survivors that not only their friends care, but the businesses do as well Thank you!

Sonja Reed
I have more energy and feel healthier after my treatments. I have been taking these treatments for a couple of years. If the treatments were to stop, it would be a great injustice to me and my fellow patients.

Syble Barclay
It was hard to believe after over 3 years of pain I walked out of Dr. Martin’s office without any pain. It felt so good. His treatments have helped keep me going. My neighbor 20 years younger says I can outwork her and she is a worker.

Tammy McKamie and class October 11, 2010
I would like to thank you for taking the time to present an overview of holistic and alternative medicine to the Round Rock-Texas A&M Health & Science-RN to BSN students. Your presentation was very insightful as well as interesting. The information was extremely relevant to our current study and will surely be considered in providing a more holistic approach when caring for our patients.

Tawnya Cain
After the birth of my son, my overall feeling of good health declined rapidly. I was sick most of the time, constantly fatigued and experiencing joint pains. I also developed swollen nodes on my face and neck that resembled grape clusters. My once size 6 body was trapped in my “still pregnant-looking” form. My short term memory was shot. I couldn’t remember details and often had problems recalling words. I also experienced difficult mood swing. I visited doctor after doctor, underwent test after test, only to be told they couldn’t find my problems. I was sent home with a few prescriptions and proceeded to get worse. At the urging of a friend to get tested for a condition known as systemic candidiasis, I did. My tests showed extremely high levels in my blood. I began treatments with Dr. Martin for the candidiasis in January of 2002. Since that time, my energy level has quadrupled, the swelling in my lymph nodes has receded, I have dropped several dress sizes and many other symptoms have either completely gone away or are very, very much better. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing problems that traditional medicine cannot solve to visit Northfield clinic and let Dr. Martin examine them. Many times M.D.s are good for critical care, but when it comes to prevention of disease and treating the cause rather than just the symptoms, Oriental medicine is top.

Theresa Breedlove
I have been very ill for the past three years, having multiple surgeries and being on many medications. Because of vasculitis, stomach (abdominal) surgeries, and years of chemo-therapy my gastrointestinal tract doesn’t function properly diffuse motility problems.) When I first came to Dr. Martin I was extremely weak, unable to tolerate food, had visual disturbances, severe abdominal pain, no energy. Actually, I was unable to get out of the house without assistance. After six weeks of treatment and oral supplements, I feel much better overall. I am able to do my own housework and take care of the basic needs of my family. My medical doctors have recommended continued therapy with Dr. Martin as they have exhausted any means for my recovery and can only offer me pain medications. My goal is to return to nursing someday in the future. This is my only hope for survival.

Tim, Brenda, & Andy Knepp
With sincere appreciation. You’re appreciated much more than you may know. Thanks for everything, especially your time & patience.

Timothy Sherrhouse
It gives me plenty of energy!

Tod M. Gingrich
I have known Dan L. Martin professionally and personally for over four years. I have found him to be of excellent moral character and a very good acupuncturist. In the time that I have known him he has treated me for several conditions using acupuncture. I have experienced great well being and relief of pain. I would highly recommend him to anyone who so inquires!

Troy Atkins
It gives me more energy and helps to breathe better. Helps to feel better.

Wayne A Pierce
I’m feeling better, have more energy and not so easily out of breath. It helped my cardiovascular disease.

Winnona Eubanks
Makes me feel more energetic, and feel healthier.

Earl Corley
For a period of three months June, July, August, my right foot became very tender, inflamed and swollen. A local M.D.’s diagnosis was arthritis in the joint of my big toe-right foot. Rx for arthritis helped, but my foot was so swollen and tender, I could not wear a shoe for 3 months, and it was very painful to walk. Finally, as a last resort, went to Dr. Dan Martin for a series of acupuncture treatments and vitamins. In short order, I was wearing my shoes and walking without pain. This was 3 years ago and I have had no foot problems since. If you have an “incurable” condition-I would recommend seeing Dr. Dan Martin first instead of as a “last resort” you may be pleasantly surprised and save yourself lots of pain.

Faye Mikulek
I want to tell you just how much I appreciate you and what you have done and are doing for me. When I came to you my asthma was really bad. I didn’t have much energy because I wasn’t sleeping good. I woke up all through the night to use the atomizer to breathe. Each week I have improved, 5 weeks have passed; I may use the atomizer a couple times in 24 hrs now. When I had terrible pain in my shoulder, neck and arm you did acupuncture and the next day it was fine. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Thanks, again. I’m sleeping mostly all-night now and my tiredness is getting better. I am so thankful I found you. I don’t know how many more treatments of chelation and vitamins I need, but I am feeling so much better.